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IEC60068 Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

IEC60068 Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Temperature Test Chamber, Hardness Tester, Profile Projector manufacturer / supplier in China, offering IEC60068 Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber, Automatic Mounting Press (AMP1-22), AC-110A Metallurgical Manual/Automatic Cutting Machine and so on.

Product Details
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: QTL-150B

  • Weight: 100-500Kg

  • Gross Weight: 300kg

  • Trademark: SINOWON

  • Origin: Dongguan, China

  • Type: Temperature Test Chamber

  • Power Source: AC220V

  • Packing Dimension: 100 X 110 X 170cm

  • Specification: CE, ISO

  • HS Code: 9031809090

Product Description
Programmable Temperature Test Chamber with wide range of temperature controls, mainly used to test performances of materials after in high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature or temperature alternating. It is one of the essential test equipments for aerospace, automotive, home appliances, scientific research department.

QTL-225D Features:
1. Heating/Cooling System: Completely independent heating/cooling system can improve testing efficiency and using life.
2. Cycle System: Powerful blowing cycle system to avoid blind angle, makes temperature and humidity evenly distributed in the test area.
3, Viewing window and interior light makes viewing workspace freely and observe the test under best conditions.
4, HL-1000 touch screen controller is designed to save chamber programming and setup time with temperature limit and alarm to protect your product.
5, Safety relay connection is provided to protect your device under test by removing power to it when the chamber is not running.
6, RS-232 communications is for computer connection, programming can be set on computer by software, monitor testing process and automatically execute power on/off functions.
7, Chamber exterior material is stainless steel with environmentally baking paint resists corrosion and provides impact resistance. Interior material is SUS304# stainless steel with excellent heat resistance and easy to clean.
8, Adjustable product shelf slides out for easier product access. Shelf design is non-tipping and supports large product loads.
9, Left side of chamber with diameter 50mm cable port for power-on test.

Temperature Test Chamber Conform Following Testing Standards:
1, IEC60068-3-5-2002 Environmental testing-Part 3-5 Support documentation and guidance-Confirmation of the performance of temperature chambers
2, IEC68-2-1 (GB-2423.1-2008) Testing A: Low temperature testing method
3, IEC68-2-2 (GB-2423.2-2008) Testing B: High temperature testing method
4, MIL-STD-202F (GJB360.8-87) High temperature life testing
5, MIL-STD-810D (GBJ150.3) High temperature method
6, MIL-STD810D (GBJ150.4) Low temperature method
7, IEC68-2-3 (GB2423.3-93) Testing Ca: Constant moist heat testing method
8, IEC68-2-30 (GB2423.4-93) Testing Db: Alternate moist heat testing method
9, MIL-STD-810D (GJB150.9-93) Moist heat testing method
Control ModeBalanced Temperature Control System
Operating Temp. & Humid. Range+5deg ~ +35deg; <85%R.H.
Temp. RangeA=0deg, B=-20deg, C=-40deg, D=-70deg ~ +100deg(150deg)
Temp. Fluctuation&#177;0.5deg
Temp. Uniformity&#8804;2.0deg
Temp. Deviation&#8804;1.0deg
Temp. Heating Time-40deg ~ +150deg within 35 min; -70deg ~ +150deg within 60 min
Temp. Cooling Time20deg ~ -40deg within 60 min; 20deg ~ -70deg within 90 min
Power SupplyAC380V, 50/60HZ, Three-phase (Specified by User)
MaterialExterior MaterialStainless steel with baking paint
Interior MaterialSUS304# Stainless steel
Insulation Material Rigid polyurethane foam
Refrigeration SystemRefrigerating MethodMechanical cascade refrigeration system
CompressorAir cooling hermetic compressor
RadiatorFin type radiator 
RefrigerantRefrigerant R404A
Heating SystemStainless steel radiating heater 
ControllerTouch screen controller HL-1000
Safety DevicesOverheat protector Switch, Compressor overload protector switch
Fault alarm system
AccessoriesViewing window, Chamber lamp, Cable port &#248;50mm,
Product shelf slides 2 pieces, universal casters
HL-1000 touch screen controller 
Note: 1. The performance values are no specimen inside the test area
     2. At 20deg ambient temperature, rated voltage
     3. According to IEC68-2-1 and IEC68-2-2
     4. The above specifications are for reference only.
Chamber Dimensions
ModelInterior Dimension
W &#215; H &#215; D
Exterior Dimension
W &#215; H &#215; D
Interior Volume
QTL-80A/B/C/D400 &#215; 500 &#215; 400mm
15.7" &#215; 19.7" &#215; 15.7"
930 &#215; 1310 &#215; 810mm
36.6" &#215; 51.6" &#215; 31.9"
QTL-150A/B/C/D500 &#215; 600 &#215; 500mm
19.7" &#215; 23.6" &#215; 19.7"
1030 &#215; 1410 &#215; 910mm
40.6" &#215; 55.5" &#215; 35.8"
QTL-225A/B/C/D500 &#215; 750 &#215; 600mm
19.7" &#215; 29.5" &#215; 23.6"
1080 &#215; 1620 &#215; 1120mm
42.5" &#215; 63.8" &#215; 44.1"
QTL-416A/B/C/D700 &#215; 850 &#215; 700mm
27.6" &#215; 33.5" &#215; 27.6"
1230 &#215; 1660 &#215; 1210mm
48.4" &#215; 65.4" &#215; 47.6"
QTL-800A/B/C/D1000 &#215; 1000 &#215; 800mm
39.4" &#215;39.4" &#215; 31.5"
1530 &#215;1810 &#215; 1310mm
60.2" &#215; 71.3" &#215; 51.6"
QTL-1000A/B/C/D1000 &#215; 1000 &#215; 1000mm
39.4" &#215; 39.4" &#215; 39.4"
1530 &#215; 1810 &#215; 1510mm
60.2" &#215; 71.3" &#215; 59.4"
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